Sample Commercial Building Inspection Report

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This is a professional sample of a commercial building inspection report, commonly referred to as a property condition assessment.

It is a visual inspection and condition assessment of the property’s exterior and interior components in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement.

The exterior of the building is visually inspected from ground level and from within the attic space. All accessible areas of the building re-inspected for structural soundness, weather tightness, and general safety issues.

The interior of the building is visually inspected for evidence of water intrusion, signs of deterioration, and other potential hazards that could compromise occupant safety.

The interior spaces are also inspected for signs of moisture intrusions or leaks in walls, ceilings and floors, as well as any evidence of water damage or mold growth. Evidence of pests such as rodents or insects was also documented during this inspection.

A detailed description of all noted conditions is provided along with photographs and/or video taken by the inspector.

The purpose of this sample commercial real estate report is to provide information to investors and inspectors searching for how to create their own or what they entail.

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