Irvine Bans Gas and Goes All-Electric for New Buildings

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Commercial Property News

In a move towards carbon neutrality, the city of Irvine, California has joined the growing list of cities to enforce a ban on fossil fuels in new construction.

The Irvine City Council passed an ordinance on March 28th that requires all new construction to be all-electric, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

This decision was made with a view to reducing the city’s carbon footprint and improving air quality, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The new measures will allow for certain exemptions, such as the installation of traditional cooking methods in new commercial restaurants, and the use of water heating systems in multifamily communities.

The move has been widely applauded by environmental groups and climate activists, including Ayn Craciun, an Orange County policy manager at the Climate Action Campaign.

Craciun praised the new ordinance, calling it a “shift by Irvine towards a more serious commitment to climate action.”

She also expressed hope that the city would continue to add more restrictions, such as mandating the replacement of gas water heaters in existing buildings with electric ones.

Irvine is not the first city in California to take this step, as similar ordinances have been passed in several other cities in the state.

San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose have all passed similar laws, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.

The move is part of a wider trend towards sustainable building practices and green energy solutions.

Research has shown that the transition to all-electric buildings can have significant environmental and economic benefits.

A study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that all-electric buildings can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% compared to those using natural gas.

Additionally, the study found that all-electric buildings can save homeowners and businesses money in the long run by reducing energy costs.

In conclusion, the decision by the Irvine City Council to enforce a ban on fossil fuels in new construction is a significant step towards achieving carbon neutrality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is hoped that other cities in California and beyond will follow suit and take similar measures to reduce their carbon footprint and transition towards sustainable building practices.

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